Spiritual leaders in numerous faith bodies serve in the specialized ministries called chaplaincies: campus, community, corrections, healthcare, military and the workplace. Chaplaincies are open to Adventist clergy in many nations of the world.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church attempts to place only highly qualified ministers in the chaplaincy expressions of ministry. The General Conference establishes denominational standards for chaplaincy ministries, and the ACM Department provides guidance for applying those standards to the world field.

Adventist chaplains are ministers with current conference-issued credentials who are granted ecclesiastical endorsement to serve in one of the specialized ministries. The chaplaincy is an equally valid and viable expression of ministry on par with more traditional expressions of pastor and evangelist.  They are an integral element of the Adventist ministry.





  • Internal church focus
  • Parochial in perspective
  • Primarily pastoral to parishes in a district
  • Evangelistic emphasis
  • Conference
  • Calls / employs
  • Credentials
  • Pays
  • Some administrative positions
  • Occasionally teaching

  • External institutional focus
  • Religiously pluralistic in outlook
  • Specialized ministry
  • Secular environment
  • Systemic operationally
  • Bridge between groups
  • Relational emphasis
  • Professionally trained
  • Church issues credentials
  • Endorsed by denomination
  • Meets institutional standards
  • Institution hires and pays


  • Fully qualified professional chaplain, full-time salaried employee
  • Fully qualified professional chaplain, part-time volunteer (unpaid)


  • During the past year ACM endorsed 52 Adventist seminary graduates and clergy for ministry in NAD, enabling expression of their calling when they would not be otherwise employed by the denomination
  • Chaplains open doors and minister where the church could seldom enter otherwise
  • Chaplains gain the church credibility and positive community relations
  • Chaplain bring professional expertise and services to church members
  • Chaplains are fully engaged in evangelism: sowing, nurturing and reaping (2,000+)
  • Chaplains loyally support the church with their personal stewardship
  • Chaplains save the denomination over $20M of tithe dollars in salaries annually (NAD only)
  • Support for one chaplain in the public arena costs the denomination 2% of the funds required to field a pastor or administrator (2% of a pastor’s salary if employed by the denomination)