Thousands of Seventh-day Adventists serve honorably in the United States Armed Forces.  Frequently, Adventists in uniform are deployed to places where no Adventist churches or pastors are readily available.  During the past sixty years over 100 Seventh-day Adventist ministers have provided pastoral care and religious support as military chaplains.

Seminarians who are called to serve as military chaplains are rarely, if ever, granted financial sponsorship by a conference.  The Military Chaplain Candidate Scholarship Fund has been established to provide funds for prospective military chaplains. This scholarship will assist seminarians who have become chaplain candidates and plan to serve as a Seventh-day Adventist military chaplain in the United States Armed Forces.

In order to receive funds from this scholarship fund, the seminarian must fully meet the requirements listed below and submit a completed application form to the Christian Ministry Department of the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

1.  Be a Seventh-day Adventist church member in regular standing.

2.  Be a full-time graduate student in the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

3.  Have completed at least one semester of study with a B average (3.0 GPA).

4.  Be unsponsored by a conference.

5.  Been granted ecclesiastical approval/endorsement by the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries Department­–North American Division, and show proof by a valid DD 2088 form.

6.  Been accessioned by one of the military services as a chaplain candidate.

7.  Been sworn in and commissioned as an O-1 officer (Second Lieutenant in the Air Force or Army; Ensign in the Navy) in either the Guard or Reserve of that military service.

A seminary faculty committee will determine the amount and distribution of the available funds to eligible applicants who have applied.

Perhaps you or others you know have been blessed by the ministry of an Adventist military chaplain.  You can help continue the tradition of ministering to the spiritual needs of those in uniform.  Your financial donation will help enable a chaplain candidate to become a military chaplain. Make your check payable to the “Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary” and specifically mark it for the Military Chaplain Candidate Scholarship Fund.  Mail to the SDA Theological Seminary, ATTN:  Treasurer, 4145 East Campus Circle Drive, Berrien Springs, Michigan  49104-1500.
Thank you for your contribution.